Beth Ditto Arrested for Being Drunk and Disorderly: ‘Google Me, Bitches’

In what sounds rather like a Portlandia cameo gone wrong (or right!), Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge in a Portland bar on Saturday night. Spoiler alert: It sounds like she was drunk and disorderly. She was cut off during the St. Patrick's Day festivities when the bartender… »3/19/13 9:00am3/19/13 9:00am

Fuck This: Dan Stevens (A.K.A Matthew Crawley) Is Officially Leaving Downton Abbey

God dammit, you guys. Could we not have left 2012 on a good note? This year has been a bit of a sad mess (elections, hurricanes Cloud Atlas) and it's only getting messier: Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley (better known as Handsome Wheelchair Husky Eyes) on Downton Abbey, has officially announced that he will not… »12/27/12 2:15pm12/27/12 2:15pm

Secret Couple Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett Totally Pulled One Over on Us

Did your ears just perk up? Did your spine feel a slight tingle? Don't worry, it's not the dangerous solar storms that are racing toward Earth; it's because a new Cute Couple Alert has just been issued. Amanda Seyfried is dating Josh Hartnett, and it turns out they've been secretly together since January. How have… »3/07/12 8:00pm3/07/12 8:00pm

Maggie Smith Might Leave Downton Abbey, Robbing Us of Our Beloved Dowager Countess

Downton Abbey is a place rooted in tradition and we have come to depend on its stick-in-the-mud ways, but today we have word of something that threatens to shake our favorite British estate to its very core: We might have to face a season four with no Dame Maggie Smith and no Dan Stevens. A show without the Dowager… »3/06/12 8:00pm3/06/12 8:00pm