Allison Williams Speaking at Yale in Impossible-To-Get-Into Event

Lest we forget that actress, newsman progeny and occasional BCBG shopper Allison Williams exists while Girls is between seasons, she and her boyfriend College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen are giving an "intimate" talk at Yale — Williams was Class of '10 — about "TV, film, and the Internet." Perhaps misleadingly, it's… »7/17/13 9:00am7/17/13 9:00am


Listen to Author Dan Brown's Terrible Song About Phone Sex

My favorite thing about The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons wasn't the stories, but how author Dan Brown's physical description of his protagonist Robert Langdon exactly matched the way Dan Brown looked in his author photo (down to the outfit), which makes me think that both novels were actually just extensive… »5/13/13 3:50pm5/13/13 3:50pm