Damon Wayans Demands 'Stop Twisting My Words' After Calling Cosby Victims 'Unrapeable'

Damon Wayans can’t believe everybody’s so bent out of shape about him calling some of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims “unrapeable” and their allegations “a money hustle.” Wayans took to Twitter to huffily defend himself, pointing out that he did say that he felt sorry for anyone who was actually raped or whatever. »9/07/15 10:30am9/07/15 10:30am


Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby, Calls Victims 'Unrapeable' 

In a Friday interview with New York’s 105.1 Breakfast Club radio show, Damon Wayans offered a long and stereotypical defense of Bill Cosby. Cosby has now been accused by more than 45 women of rape and sexual assault. In July, 35 of those women—ranging in age from 44 to 80— appeared on the cover of New York magazine… »9/06/15 1:15pm9/06/15 1:15pm

"Abortion Man": The Worst, Supposedly-Funny Video You May Ever See

Are you ready for the most disgusting, insensitive, unfunny and offensive video you've ever seen? It's called "Abortion Man", and it comes to us via WayOutTV, created by comedian Damon Wayans "as an incubator to develop innovative television shows for the internet." (The video is embedded after the jump.) Salon's… »4/23/08 12:00pm4/23/08 12:00pm

Teri Hatcher: "I'll Go Out With Damon Wayans! I Know How To Cook!"

The talk shows were sort of all over the place this week. Oprah had on the thousands of members of the Osmond family, rape victims, and age-appropriate fashion, while The View welcomed Damon Wayans on the couch, where the girls realized he's a chauvinist pig, only to have Teri Hatcher reveal the next day that she can… »11/12/07 2:00pm11/12/07 2:00pm