Dame Judi Dench Needs a Script Reader, Still Gets All the Nominations

In 2012, Dame Judi Dench revealed that she was beginning to lose her sight due to a condition called macular degeneration. Apparently her eyesight is doing so poorly that she officially can't read scripts anymore, which hasn't stopped her from taking roles she could win an Oscar for. Judi! » 1/28/14 4:15pm 1/28/14 4:15pm

Kristen Wiig Would Like to Give You a Heads-Up About Her Bowel…

I don't totally understand this story, but that doesn't mean I don't still want to marry it. During her speech at Elle's Women in Hollywood dinner last night, Kristen Wiig took a moment to fill everyone in on the status of her troublingly reticent dumps. » 10/16/12 8:35pm 10/16/12 8:35pm

Judi Dench: "Fashion Is Not An Art Form. If It's Anything At All It's…

The trailer for Rage, Sally Potter's fashion industry whodunnit, makes the movie look like either the most ambitiously brilliant — or over-its-head silly — thing the British filmmaker has done since her 1992 adaptation of Orlando with Tilda Swinton. » 9/03/09 4:30pm 9/03/09 4:30pm

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