A Piss Poor Justification for Publishing Kate Middleton's Butt Photos

Earlier this week, the German tabloid Bild attracted a great deal of criticism for publishing photos of Kate Middleton's skirt blowing up in the wind, revealing her "bare bottom," as the British papers have all referred to it. And now, an Australian newspaper has followed in Bild's ignominious footsteps — with the… »5/28/14 11:10am5/28/14 11:10am


Naomi Campbell Never Planned an Elephant Birthday Party, OK?

Supermodel maniac goddess Naomi Campbell has accepted libel damages from Britain's Daily Telegraph over a story that "falsely claimed she planned to organize an elephant polo match in India for her partner's birthday." Which, to their credit, how are they supposed to tell a true Naomi Campbell story from a false… »1/31/13 11:30pm1/31/13 11:30pm