Sarah Palin Breaks "Flag Code" In Runner's World Magazine

Have you heard? Everyone's favorite governor has an interview published online Tuesday for Runner's World magazine. Alongside inane questions for the former VP hopeful, there is a hilarious and ridiculous photo shoot in which Palin (maybe) disrespects the American flag. » 7/02/09 9:30am 7/02/09 9:30am

The New York Times Does BlogHer Later Than My Last Period

The New Yorks Times Sunday Styles Section published a long piece this weekend on the BlogHer conference that took place opposite Netroots Nation more than a week ago. While it was entitled "Blogging's Glass Ceiling" and touched on one of my favorite topics — the relative lack of prominence of female bloggers, and… » 7/28/08 3:30pm 7/28/08 3:30pm