Finally! The Daily Mail Has Written the Ultimate Hilarious Daily Mail Article

As always, the Daily Mail has their razor-sharp journalistic scope trained on the real issues that keep 21st-century human beings awake at night, and they've provided an extensive communiqué regarding the #1 Most Important and Totally Legit Thing that People Should Definitely Bother Worrying About Posthaste. That… »3/14/13 7:10pm3/14/13 7:10pm

UK Government Minister Tells Magazines to Drop the Post-Christmas 'Miracle Diet' Bullshit

Equalities minister Jo Swinson is sick and tired of magazine features on how to lose 10 pounds in 48 hours by only eating cayenne pepper while turning counter-clockwise three times under a full moon — the sort of stories that appear without fail after the holiday stress-eating trend pieces have run their course. »12/27/12 12:15pm12/27/12 12:15pm

Childless People Die Early, But Adopting Can Save Your Miserable Life

The Daily Mail has perfected the art of trolling with its incendiary headlines, and today is no different. The article, "Childless couples have higher risk of dying prematurely but adopting may reduce chances of an early death," has an equally hilarious accompanying stock photo of a happily smug family, and refers to… »12/06/12 10:25am12/06/12 10:25am

We're Obsessed With 'Sex Selection' for the Wrong Reasons

Both conservative politicians and some mainstream publications want us to think sex selective births — whether via abortion or pre-birth embryo testing — are on the rise and deserve our urgent attention. But while sex selection is unarguably a crucial problem in some countries that favor men over women, focusing on… »8/29/12 4:40pm8/29/12 4:40pm

Daily Mail Gets In Trouble For Making Things Up About The Amanda Knox Verdict

The Daily Mail, the British tabloid that everyone loves to hate, has had its newsprint-stained hand slapped for a major mistake it made back in October. After the Amanda Knox murder verdict was decided, its website reported incorrectly that her conviction had been upheld, when in fact it had been overturned. The… »12/11/11 6:20pm12/11/11 6:20pm