Ben Carson Insists He Tried to Stab a Guy When He Was 14, Despite Mounting Evidence He's Lying

Best-case scenario: Ben Carson tried to stab someone. Alternate scenario: Ben Carson has been lying for years about trying to stab someone when he was 14, a kind of extreme knives-to-surgical-riches story that’s now falling apart when the gentlest breeze is blown upon it. »11/06/15 8:56am11/06/15 8:56am


This Helps Nothing: Personhood Leader Claims His House Is Under Attack

Abortion providers, pro-choice activists, and pretty much anyone associated with them have been relentlessly targeted by anti-choice protesters. They've been subject to everything from garden variety stalking, to violence, and, in some cases, murder. Yet, it's far more rare that the tables are turned and anti-choice… »7/03/12 12:35pm7/03/12 12:35pm

How Could You Be Married To A Pedophile And Not Know It?

Seven years ago, Darlene Ellison's husband was arrested by the FBI for his involvement with NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Up until his arrest, she had no idea that he was a pedophile, and, understandably, was horrified by the secret life he'd been keeping from her and their two children for… »11/27/11 4:50pm11/27/11 4:50pm

Coincidentally, The Best Countries For Women Are A Bit Chilly

A new ranking by Newsweek/Daily Beast reveals which countries are the best and worst places for women to live. Using data from 165 countries, they based their rankings on five categories: "treatment under the law, workforce participation, political power, and access to education and health care." And without further… »9/27/11 5:25pm9/27/11 5:25pm