Nation Shocked to Find Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Remain Alive and Sexy After Divorce

A celebrity divorce usually goes something like this: one of them hires an expensive attorney who will yell at them for not having a prenup, files for divorce from their partner, takes a plane to Middle Earth, hops off and finds someone who can charter a helicopter, flies the helicopter to Mordor, drops their wedding… »10/29/15 6:30pm10/29/15 6:30pm

Vanity Fair Dove Deep Into Kelly Rutherford's Custody Battle, and I'm Still So Confused

We all know the story by now. Or, if we don’t know the story, we at least know the headlines: Kelly Rutherford has spent the last few years of her life—and just about all of her money—trying to keep her kids in the United States and out of Monaco, where their father, Daniel Giersch, resides. The saga has been popping… »10/08/15 3:30pm10/08/15 3:30pm

A Timeline of Celebrity Divorce Queen Laura Wasser's Ride to the Top

It’s been a busy summer for broken Hollywood hearts and families: Jen and Ben, Megan and Brian, Kourtney and Scott, Gwen and Gavin—and Laura A. Wasser, attorney at Wasser, Cooperman & Carter, commonly referred to by TMZ (among other outlets) as the industry’s “Disso Queen” (dissolution of marriage, that is) has been… »9/09/15 11:50am9/09/15 11:50am

Robin Thicke's 'Back Together' Video Is for Divorced Dads Everywhere

Robin Thicke’s new video for “Back Together” featuring Nicki Minaj is here and it’s… better than the song? Let’s all agree that “Back Together” itself is subpar and sounds like every pop song you’ve ever heard before it. But for such a rough summer filled with madness, this probably the best we’ll get, it’s what we,… »8/13/15 7:00pm8/13/15 7:00pm

Miranda Lambert's Email Hacked, 'Explosive' Messages Were Exposed

A woman calling herself “Brenda” could possibly be going to prison after she admitted to hacking Miranda Lambert’s email and selling the contents of the country star’s messages to tabloids, bringing more and more information about Lambert’s alleged cheating on ex-husband Blake Shelton to light. But it turns out that a… »8/06/15 12:20pm8/06/15 12:20pm

Study: People Who Get Married After 32 Are More Likely To Get Divorced

Conventional wisdom has said that people who wait longer to get married are less likely to get divorced. Like, if you actually intimately know your future husband or wife you are less likely to discover five years later that they are just a bunch of children stacked on top of one another (emotionally, I mean). »7/16/15 11:45pm7/16/15 11:45pm

Sherri Shepherd Must Pay Child Support for Baby She Was 'Tricked Into'

The Sherri Shepherd surrogacy saga has come to an end for now. A judge ruled that the actress and former The View co-host must pay child support to her ex, Lamar Sally, who is raising the baby he and Shepherd conceived via surrogate. While Shepherd must pay Sally approximately $4,000 a month in support, she can still… »7/01/15 2:10pm7/01/15 2:10pm