Why Can't a Man Ever Tell a Woman the 'Truth' About How She Looks?

In TV, magazine and etiquette lore, a man who dares to comment on a woman's appearance in a negative or critical manner is on dangerous ground. "Honey, does this spandex see-thru jegging/tube dress make me look fat?" is trotted out in some sitcom or another by a validation-seeking female, then we cut to the awkward… »3/20/13 6:00pm3/20/13 6:00pm


I May Be Too Old To Rock, But Thankfully, The Breeders Are Not

People — writers, fans, music executives — don't really know what to do with an aging female musician. I'm not talking about someone like Celine Dion or Cher, whose popularity was never based on some amorphous idea of coolness or relevance. I'm not even talking about our beloved Liz Phair, who still plasters short,… »7/14/08 1:00pm7/14/08 1:00pm