North Virginia Man To Undergo Vasectomy As Part of Plea Deal

Father of "seven or eight," Jesse Lee Herald of Edinburg, Virginia, has pled guilty to "child endangerment, hit and run driving and driving on a suspended license" stemming from a vehicle crash in December. Herald had rolled his car after hitting an embankment, and proceeded to flee the scene, taking his 3-year-old… »6/18/14 10:20am6/18/14 10:20am


Plastic Surgery: Where Do You Draw The Line Between Deformity And Vanity?

Americans are spending a reported $13.2 billion on cosmetic surgery (more than the GDP of Bolivia!), but should health insurers be reimbursing at least a few of these procedures? Over on the New York Times "Freakonomics" blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zenn points out: "Insurance companies often insist that surgery… »6/19/08 4:20pm6/19/08 4:20pm