Weirdest/Grossest Story Ever: Boy Grows a Sea Snail in His Knee

The gist of your latest bizarre tale of how the human spirit always manages to persevere even in times of tragedy concerns this little boy Paul, who fell and cut his knee and then the wound got infected and everyone was scared he was going to have to amputate his leg and then his parents discovered that he literally‚Ķ »8/19/13 11:30am8/19/13 11:30am


Man Cuts Off His Wife's Lip and Eats It So She'll 'Never Be Able to Kiss Again'

Ahh, humanity: you never go a day without proving just how creatively awful you can be. The human (more of a monster, really) in question here is a university professor in Stockholm who recently sliced off his wife's lower lip as punishment for her requesting a divorce. Why? Well, as a prosecutor in the case‚Ķ »6/24/12 11:55pm6/24/12 11:55pm