This Week We Discovered You Can't Spell Palin Without PAIN

  • We've gotten a lot of emails this week whining about the excess of Palin coverage. But you know what Palin hates more than anything — whiners! If you whine, the terrorists win…Or something. Anyway, check out what Judge Judy thinks about Sarah Palin.
  • Also check out what American Wife author Curtis Sittenfeld thinks…
  • » 9/12/08 6:10pm 9/12/08 6:10pm

Social Awkwardness, Long Odds & Sarah Palin: A Chat With Curtis Sittenfeld

Most people who are famous — and I don't mean the kind of famous where a few people recognize you at the supermarket, I mean people who are known worldwide — are famous because they have sought the spotlight like particularly aggressive moths. But what about those mostly innocent bystanders who become famous not by… » 9/10/08 1:00pm 9/10/08 1:00pm

The Chick Lit Cat Fight Chronicles.... Might Be A Witty Title For A Pink Book, No?

Meet author Katherine Taylor. (Her narrator is called "Kath," too!) She never thought she was pretty, always thought she looked like a boy. (What is up with these pretty girls — ahem, ScarJo — saying they think they look like boys? Anyway, Kath thinks she writes as well as any boy, which is why she is the latest… » 3/07/07 3:55pm 3/07/07 3:55pm