Ladies on Twitter Love Calling Other Ladies Bitches and Sluts

If an alien species tried to assess human social interaction based solely on what we say to and about each other on Twitter, they'd think we were a pretty foul-mouthed, hostile bunch. And they'd likely be inclined to believe that women on Twitter, with their fondness for "bitch" and "slut" when talking to other women,… »2/24/14 11:30am2/24/14 11:30am


No Cussing Club's Crusade Against Modern Family Is the Stupidest Shit We've Ever Heard

Tonight's episode of Modern Family promises to make bowties twirl on the necks of their scandalized viewers when a pint-sized character drops the F bomb. One group is so offended by little Lily's linguistic lapse that they're spearheading a grassroots effort to prevent the episode from airing. Who are these bastions… »1/18/12 2:50pm1/18/12 2:50pm