Filmmaker Tests Theory That Hot Girls Really Have It Easy

We've all heard the supposed-statistics about how plain-looking women earn less than attractive ones. To test whether hot ladies truly have the upper hand in life, Carolyn spent a weekend doing everything twice: once as her regular, make-up free self; and a second time dressed in a teeny-tiny dress, with her hair… » 6/03/11 12:45pm 6/03/11 12:45pm

This Week We Were Rage-O-Holics And Our Drug Of Choice Was Palin

Sarah Haskins Has A Problem With Marketing Family Meals To Moms

Our new favorite, wonderfully funny critic, Sarah Haskins, is at it again. Her new video, Target Women: Feeding Your F—-ing Family dissects and pokes fun at commercials for brands like Manwich, Crock-Pot, Tyson Chicken Breast and El Pollo Loco — in which women are encouraged to keep their kids and husband happy with… » 7/18/08 4:40pm 7/18/08 4:40pm

Brides, Botox & Yogurt: Sarah Haskins Targets Those Who Target Women

Recently, while searching for that damn all-black issue of Italian Vogue, I gazed upon a shelf at a bookstore labeled "Women's Interest." The shelf was filled with wedding magazines. (And underneath: Cooking.) Really? Women have no other interest? I was still seething about this when I saw Sarah Haskins' "Target… » 7/03/08 12:00pm 7/03/08 12:00pm