Evolution Is a Thing, and the GOP Better Get on Board With It

TV pundits from across the political spectrum keep talking about how the GOP needs to take in the changing demographics of this country — how it is getting less white, younger, etc. While that is true, the implication is that we're all morons who vote for the person whose skin color is closest to us. That's all fine… »11/08/12 12:20pm11/08/12 12:20pm


I'm Not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I'm Interested in Winning It.

There's this prevailing attitude that the "culture war" is some kind of discussion that we're all having. But you know what? Fuuuuuuck that. I know this is divisive and counterproductive and inflammatory or whatever, but not all ideas are created equal. Some ideas are shitty, and I'm sick of coddling people with… »10/08/12 1:40pm10/08/12 1:40pm

Irrelevant Homophobes Newly Enraged Over JC Penney Ad Showing Lesbian Couple Being Happy

One Million Moms, a hateful collective of a few thousand insufferable busybodies, has once again called for its members to break out the torches and pitchforks and attack JC Penney. At issue is a single page in the department store chain's May catalog that depicts a lesbian couple doing horrible, abominable things… »5/02/12 12:35pm5/02/12 12:35pm

The French Are Too Chic for Our Trashy American Big Macs

You know what they call a quarter pounder in France? Nothing, you idiot. What do you think France is? Some middle American barnyard where you eat anything you pick up off the ground? Of course not. France is a place of Michelin stars and caviar yachts (the yacht is made of caviar), not shitty sandwiches from the U.S.… »4/19/12 2:20pm4/19/12 2:20pm