Heidi Klum Made Germany's Top Model Contestants Pose in Redface

Having, I guess, somehow missed the last million Native American appropriation controversies in the fashion industry, Heidi Klum recently had contestants on Germany's Next Top Model travel to Utah and pose as sexy/high-fashion stereotypes of indigenous people. Sigh. » 4/09/14 6:45pm 4/09/14 6:45pm

Designer's 'Stop Racism' Headdress Calls Out Industry Appropriation

Well, here's a pretty clear way to articulate your disgust with the fashion industry's penchant for cultural appropriation: yesterday, as part of men's fashion week in Paris, Belgian designer Walter van Beirendonck sent two models down the runway in large headdresses that read "STOP RACISM." » 1/16/14 1:10pm 1/16/14 1:10pm

​Miley's BANGERZ Tour Promos Can't Go Away, Won't Go Away

Livenation just dropped a couple promos for Miley Cyrus' upcoming BANGERZ tour, and it could be considered a case study in 1) the mechanics of ass-first human movement, 2) the effects of continued not giving "AF" and cherry-picking hip-hop tokens like Mario after a Super Star power-up and, 3) my tolerance for shitty… » 11/13/13 1:10pm 11/13/13 1:10pm

Tanning Salon Is Super Thankful Native Americans 'Brought Sexy Color'

In honor of Thanksgiving, a chain of tanning salons in Alabama and Florida has launched a holiday-themed ad campaign that is both offensively stupid and stupidly offensive. "The Indians brought more than just 'CORN' to the first Thanksgiving," reads the copy, "they brought SEXY 'COLOR'!" Ugh, the unnecessary quotation… » 11/06/13 4:50pm 11/06/13 4:50pm

American Apparel Under Fire for 'Spooky' Voodoo-Themed Window Display

American Apparel is a great place to go if you want at least one person in false glasses to stare at you while you nervously rifle through some sheer bloomers. American Apparel is not a great place to go if you enjoy respecting and honoring other cultural traditions. Case in point: the retailer has recently attracted… » 11/01/13 12:50pm 11/01/13 12:50pm

After Offensive Fiasco, Paul Frank Collaborates With Native Designers

Imagine this: After producing an event offensive to Native Americans, Paul Frank is now working with Native American artists and designers — going from cultural appropriation to cultural appreciation. » 8/28/13 1:00pm 8/28/13 1:00pm

Lady Gaga Has a Burqa Problem

Lady Gaga's increasingly daft and desperate attempts to be "shocking" and "thought-provoking" have reached a new nadir. The Italian-American singer/conceptual fashion embryo has been trying to make "burqa swag" happen for a while by traipsing around in burqa-like garments; now, a track that's allegedly leaked from her… » 8/07/13 3:20pm 8/07/13 3:20pm

Here Are Some Other Things To Wear On Your Head Besides a Headdress

I recently walked into Topshop and was greeted by a pack of headdress-adorned mannequins congregating around a tepee. Seriously? Big brands are still reappropriating war bonnets, even though so many prominent designers and companies have publicly apologized for doing just that? Why won't the hipster headdress die… » 6/21/13 6:45pm 6/21/13 6:45pm

Why Is Michelle Williams in Redface?

Now I've really seen it all. Michelle Williams is on the cover of AnOther Magazine, in apparent Redface. Michelle burst into the spotlight when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Brokeback Mountain (2005). Later, she was nominated for Oscars for her work in Blue Valentine (2010) and » 3/12/13 11:20am 3/12/13 11:20am

The Truth About Using a White Girl in the 'African Queen' Fashion Shoot

Numéro magazine has issued an apology of sorts for the African Queen editorial in the March 2013 issue, in which Ondria Hardin, a 16-year-old, blond-haired, blue-eyed model, was shot with her skin darkened. But the magazine's message — and a message from the photographer himself — only further complicate the issue. » 3/01/13 4:10pm 3/01/13 4:10pm

A Much-Needed Primer on Cultural Appropriation

This fall alone, Paul Frank served "Rain Dance Refresher" cocktails at a "Pow Wow"-themed fashion week event, ASOS debuted a "Go Native" Navajo-inspired line with cringe-inducing copy, and Karlie Kloss walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway in a floor-length war bonnet and not much else. Why are fashion brands so… » 11/13/12 5:00pm 11/13/12 5:00pm

Victoria's Secret's Racist Garbage Is Just Asking for a Boycott

Last week, the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion show was held in New York, recorded to air on network television on December 4. During the show, model Karlie Kloss wore a Native American headdress. Outrage at the offensive costume was immediate; over the weekend, Victoria's Secret apologized and said the televised… » 11/12/12 2:00pm 11/12/12 2:00pm

Colorado Boutique Cluelessly Uses Native American Headdresses To Sell…

The Denver-based boutique and online retailer Goldyn recently sent its fall lookbook to a variety of bloggers. The lookbook featured two models posing in front of teepees, while wearing Plains Indian-style headdresses (along with Helmut Lang sweaters, Cynthia Vincent dresses, and T by Alexander Wang dresses, of… » 11/06/12 5:45pm 11/06/12 5:45pm

Here We Go Again: ASOS Debuts Tasteful 'Go Native' Navajo-Inspired Line

U.K. online retailer ASOS has become the latest fashion brand to jump on the dubious "trend" for Native American-inspired clothing. » 10/05/12 12:00pm 10/05/12 12:00pm

Kris Jenner Emails Her Apology For That 'Indian-Giver' Comment

Last week, Kim Kardashian's momager, Kris Jenner, appeared on GMA and was asked whether or not Kim would be asked to return her large engagement ring. Jenner's response: "I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift, you know." The National Congress Of American Indians issued a statement regarding the phrase "indian giving,"… » 11/10/11 4:20pm 11/10/11 4:20pm

Ladymags Totally Loving This Navajo 'Trend'

Urban Outfitters may have changed the names of their non-Navajo-made "Navajo" products, but in the October issues, Navajo is still super cool. » 10/20/11 3:40pm 10/20/11 3:40pm

In the October issue of , a caption reads, "Pixelated and magnified, a Najavo print becomes infinitely more modern." Infinitely! There is literally no limit to how modern these…

What Rich People's Children Will Be For Halloween This Year

September's here, which means Halloween is right around the corner. And the Wishcraft kiddie costume catalog turned up in my mailbox, with an elegantly undead family on the cover and some interesting costumes inside. Vampires, ghosts and cultural appropriation, oh my! And just when you thought it was safe to take a… » 9/06/11 2:40pm 9/06/11 2:40pm