Cuddle Positions Ranked From Best to Worst

Cuddling is an act that occurs when 2+ humans (or, I guess, a human and an object — the last thing I want is to be human-normative and offend all the love pillows and security blankets out there) lie in one place affectionately. It takes as much skill as it takes to lounge on a comfortable surface and not sweat… » 8/09/13 2:30pm 8/09/13 2:30pm

Man with an Ingenious Zebra Truck Cuddles Lions

Since my great life ambition is to make friends with a pride of lions and nap on top of them as if, taken together, they all composed a giant, fuzzy mattress, you can imagine that man in this video has inspired in me a deep, unbounded jealousy. Why him? What's so special about him that the lions ask him for tender… » 3/25/12 4:35pm 3/25/12 4:35pm

To Cuddle or Sleep, What the Hell Are We Supposed to Do After Sex?

Depending on the circumstances, falling asleep first after sex can be a gamble. You don't want to seem rude and refuse to snuggle, but also you are tired. And if you're not yet on a let-it-all-hang-out basis, you might be paranoid that if you fall asleep and start drooling, your efforts to seem suave and mysterious… » 1/22/12 11:55pm 1/22/12 11:55pm