These Orphaned Siberian Tiger Cubs Are the Most Majestic Babies

When this Siberian Tiger cub's mother was killed by poachers in November, he and his two siblings were rescued by scientists and kept safe until their release in the Russian Far East. The tale of the rescue is fascinating; the scientists have to keep the cubs wary of humans so they can reacclimate to the wild — and so… »2/04/13 11:00pm2/04/13 11:00pm

Meet Kiara: Mostly Lion, A Little Bit Tiger, Entirely Adorable

Born in a Russian zoo, baby Kiara's dad is an African lion and her mom's a liger: half-lion, half-tiger, which makes her the world's first hybrid "liliger." When Kiara's mom wasn't able to nurture the cub, a housecat named Dasha who belongs to one of the zookeepers stepped in (and for 20% additional squee, here they… »9/22/12 12:00pm9/22/12 12:00pm

Baby Bear Gives Adorably Vicious Hugs to Some Lucky Guy’s Leg

It'd be a little easier to avoid bears if they didn't look like they wanted to hug everyone all the time, just like this grizzly bear cub, who will most likely instill in you an unreasonable and deadly urge to run into the woods and befriend the first bear cub you find. It's fine — I'm sure the most progressive mama… »9/16/12 5:00pm9/16/12 5:00pm

And Now, a Baby Cheetah Will Take a Blowtorch to Your Heart

The only reservation I have about sharing this (delightful) video of a cheetah cub romping around a playroom at the Cincinnati Zoo is that cheetah cubs invariable meet horrible ends in Nat Geo documentaries, yet they're also easily the cutest animals. Ever. They have fuzz — fuzz — that literally makes them more… »8/26/12 5:00pm8/26/12 5:00pm

Tiny Leopard Cub Gets Even Cuter When You Scratch His Tiny Neck

Oh, no big deal. It's only an itty bitty leopard cub getting a casual scratch and kicking his little leg. It definitely will not make you want to run to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington and steal this endangered clouded leopard baby so that you can cuddle with him for the rest of your life. »4/10/12 11:15pm4/10/12 11:15pm