Spring Break Forever: A Week of Drinking With Cruise Ship Performers

The ship rocked in the waves as I stared down at my glass of wine. I knew I had a choice to make. We had been at sea for just a few hours, and it was already clear that I only had two real options for survival. I could spend the week blackout drunk by the pool — relying solely on margaritas for sustenance — or I could… »6/16/15 12:50pm6/16/15 12:50pm

Mysterious Cruise Ship Plague Has Ruined Caribbean Vacay for 281 People

Stepping aboard an ocean liner and putting your life in the hands of a captain who, at least on a Disney cruise, might be an actor with some off-Broadway experience dressed in a Goofy costume, takes a lot of faith, especially considering how many no good, terrible things have happened on cruise ships recently. At… »1/26/14 2:30pm1/26/14 2:30pm

Cruise Crime Report Features Suspicious Deaths and Sexual Assault

Ted Bettinger* of the Board of Cruise Travel tried to convince us to all to make cruising our main mode of transportation — need a lift to band practice? The Carnival Celebration will get you there! Later! — but recent reports of crime on the high seas might make you question whether the midnight buffets is worth it. »8/09/13 9:30am8/09/13 9:30am