Claire McCaskill Successfully Baits Trolls With Cruella De Vil Costume 

Here’s Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, dressed as a puppy killer, welcoming the warm and loving embrace of trolls across Twitter. Needless to say, they were eager to share their wit and wisdom with McCaskill. An evil villain plus an abortion-loving Democrat? This is the stuff of dreams! »10/10/15 2:15pm10/10/15 2:15pm


Disney's Misunderstood (?) Feminist (?) Icons (?), Drawn Lovingly

If Maleficent could've just kept that foolish girl asleep, and if Cruella de Vil had succeeded in making a luxe coat out of 101 puppy hides, what would the movie posters look like? We're pretty sure that artist Justin McTwisp got it right. These maniacal sociopaths would've dined on the corpses of their tasty enemies… »10/01/12 2:20pm10/01/12 2:20pm