​Washington Post Dismisses 500-Page Civil War Nonfiction Book As Girly

Last month, New York Times bestselling author Karen Abbott published a nonfiction book called Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, with its subject four fascinating women who became spies during the Civil War—Belle Boyd, teenage rebel and "Secesh Cleopatra"; Emma Edmonds, dressed as a soldier, her nom de guerre "Frank";… »10/14/14 3:30pm10/14/14 3:30pm

Oh, the Unbelievable Shit You Get Writing About Music as a Woman

There's a blog goin' round the bend lately that's got people talking: A woman named Sarah O'Holla has a tumblr devoted to going through her husband's record collection, reviewing every single album to get to know more about it (and him). She's not a music critic; she's a librarian who waxes earnest/sarcastic about the… »3/20/14 2:10pm3/20/14 2:10pm

Yet Another Sad Dude Pines for the Days When James Bond Had a ‘Thinking Man’s’ Body

Remember when a micro-violin had to be specially made and tuned to assuage Washington Post columnist Richard Coen's anxiety about how James Bond's screen evolution from slack-limbed inebriate to P90X infomercial model meant that cantankerous old lechers like Richard Coen might no longer be able to impress attractive… »3/03/13 3:30pm3/03/13 3:30pm

Movie Critic Recounts That One Time His Misogynistic Editor Asked Him to Stop Reviewing Movies with Strong Female Leads

Earlier this week, the perpetually entertaining film critic Roger Ebert (fast fact: Roger Ebert, a true hometown hero, has a good word for pretty much every movie that was ever filmed in Chicago) posted a very long, very discursive story from a film critic in Buffalo named Michael Calleri, who felt compelled —… »11/18/12 3:30pm11/18/12 3:30pm

Critics Need to Chill Out About Lindsay Lohan Playing Liz Taylor, Writes Ardent Mean Girls Fan

In spite of — or because of, you masochistic television viewer, you — the thoroughly terrible Liz & Dick trailer, you probably won't be able to help yourself from at least DVRing Lindsay Lohan's small screen biopic comeback when it premieres on Lifetime Nov. 25. Maybe this is because you really liked Mean Girls and… »11/11/12 1:30pm11/11/12 1:30pm

Aaron Sorkin’s Ladies Sure Do Slip on a Lot of Banana Peels

At a Wednesday session of this summer's Television Critics Association press tour, Aaron Sorkin took the stage alongside Newsroom accomplices Jeff Daniels and executive producer Alan Poul to pedantically explain to critics and journalists who, on the whole, don't much care for his new show that The Newsroom is… »8/02/12 10:00am8/02/12 10:00am

Jennifer Weiner Thinks the New York Times Ought to Profile More Female Authors

In a recent NPR interview with David Greene, author Jennifer Weiner — whose bestselling fiction has often been derided by literary critics as "chick lit" — talked about her latest novel, the dearth of women in Hollywood writers' rooms, and her ongoing feud with the New York Times, which hasn't been very kind to… »7/08/12 1:30pm7/08/12 1:30pm