Writer Compares OITNB to ‘Slave Narratives,’ Sort of Has a Point

If you’ve already gorged yourself on Netflix’s new mega-popular original series Orange Is the New Black, you know why the show has been the darling of TV critics for the last several weeks — it offers something a little different from even the well-produced cable drama, a format dominated by Tony Soprano antihero… » 8/18/13 2:30pm 8/18/13 2:30pm

Fuck for Forest Chronicles Activists’ Frustrating Naïveté (NSFW)

The trailer for Fuck for Forest, a documentary about a group of environmentalists from Berlin who descend in naked whirlwind of public sex in the Amazonian rainforest, has been making the Internet rounds for quite a while. Somehow, a documentary about dreadlocked white European twenty-somethings creating eco-porn as… » 5/26/13 1:00pm 5/26/13 1:00pm

Don Draper Is Not a Monster -- He’s Just a Rotten Asshole

After last Sunday’s painful Mad Men episode (and this whole season has really been a long, bitter exercise in chewing glass), the fragile mystique of Don Draper suffered a few more cracks. Don’s persona has been decaying ever since the first season, and if you’re especially cynical about the peculiarly American urge… » 5/03/13 3:00pm 5/03/13 3:00pm

Precocious TV Critic Manages to Sit Still Long Enough to Review an…

If you’re lagging behind in your Doctor Who viewing, you might not want to watch diminutive television critic Lindalee Rose’s review of “The Bells of Saint John” episode because, at a mere four years old, Lindalee has not yet learned the concept of SPOILER ALERT. It’s okay — she has plenty of time to hone her… » 4/14/13 3:00pm 4/14/13 3:00pm

Judd Apatow's Mini-Twitter Breakdown Is Proof That the Internet Pisses…

When you embark on an artistic career, or are a newbie in any field, you quickly cozy up to nearly constant criticism — or "constructive feedback", if you're lucky. You would never even dream of talking back to those critics, because you're less self-assured as an artist — you're learning the ropes, you're paying… » 12/27/12 6:00pm 12/27/12 6:00pm

Sorry, but Amazon Probably Won’t Let Nana Review Your E-Novel Anymore

The licentious world of Amazon literary criticism may soon be much more tightly regulated, at least as far as nepotism is concerned. The New York Times reports that Amazon's criticism sentries are cracking down on the glowing book reviews obviously dashed off by an author's family member, friend, or sycophantic pet… » 12/24/12 6:45pm 12/24/12 6:45pm

It Really Doesn’t Seem Fair to Have Lindsay Lohan Mimic Elizabeth Taylor

Brave television pioneers across the country, undeterred by reports of wooden acting and clunky dialogue, have been outfitting their conestoga wagon of a living room with Barefoot pinot noir and pizza flavored Combos (don't judge me) in anticipation of tonight's 9:00 pm premiere of Liz & Dick on Lifetime. Everyone's… » 11/25/12 4:30pm 11/25/12 4:30pm

The Tyranny of 'She's Just Jealous'

When you're in eighth grade and you don't understand why your best friend has suddenly teamed up with the class bully to write you jerky, unsigned notes that they leave in your locker every day (without fail) between fourth period science and fifth period study hall, having a mother who tells you that the girls are… » 6/20/12 3:30pm 6/20/12 3:30pm

Our Millennial Survey Reveals Even Kids Today Hate Kids Today

The results of our Millennial Survey are in, and it appears millennial folks did get a bit more praise growing up than crotchety Olds. Also, everyone thinks kids today suck — including kids. » 10/24/11 4:00pm 10/24/11 4:00pm

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: Why Kids Make Good Critics

"What with the blood-like floor and the heaps of ash-coloured concrete intestines, these works were forcing me to think about bodies and new life, and even death," writes Isabella Welch of artist Anish Kapoor. Welch is 10 years old. » 1/21/10 1:30pm 1/21/10 1:30pm

She's Not Crazy, She's Alaskan: Why It's Hard (And Easy) To Criticize…

While this week's Time basically fawns all over Sarah Palin, others in the media discuss her hotness, her lack of education, and her gosh-darn boundary-breaking maverickness — and what these qualities will mean for her in 2012. » 7/10/09 1:00pm 7/10/09 1:00pm