What the Killjoy Critics Are Saying About The Hunger Games

Last night, like a fairy-tale princess in a pair of borrowed shoes, I had somewhere to be when the clock struck 12: At a midnight screening of the OMFG SO HIGHLY ANTICIPATED flick based on the page-turning books. Did Hunger Games — as directed by Gary Ross — deliver? I thought so. Tension, heartbreak, trackerjackers —… »3/23/12 3:00pm3/23/12 3:00pm

Not All The Stars In Hollywood Can Keep New Year's Eve From Being Loathsome

Honestly, Love, Actually was not a bad movie. Unfortunately, its success taught Hollywood a terrible lesson: Cram a crapload of stars into one flick, and the masses will pay to see it. Off course, by "masses," we mean women, because we're the ones these projects are aggressively marketed towards. After He's Just Not… »12/09/11 2:15pm12/09/11 2:15pm