Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Goes to Harvard, Is All 'Harvard, Schmarvard'

Cristina Fernandez's second term as president of Argentina may be fraught with capital flight, wary investors, an escalating crime rate, and bad credit rating buzz from Moody's, but she'll be damned if she lets some Harvard smartasses try to tell her which hemisphere she's in. Fielding questions Thursday night from… »9/28/12 10:05am9/28/12 10:05am

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Tops Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women

Forbes »8/28/08 9:30am8/28/08 9:30am just released its list of this year's , and it's a fearsome collection of heads of state, captains of industry, and entertainment giants. Coming in at #1 is Germany's first female Chancellor, Angela Merkel, she of the towering intellect . Another notable in the top ten is Indra K. Nooyi, the , who is the…