Texas is Replacing Legitimate Women's Health Clinics with Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Texas's Women's Health Program used to serve nearly 111,000 women in dire need of affordable medical care — until Governor Rick Perry barred all clinics that provide, refer, or even promote abortion from inclusion. His decision prompted the federal government to cut 90% of the WHP's funding, leaving the state… »10/02/12 5:30pm

Idaho Bill Requires Women to Go to Awful Crisis Pregnancy Centers Before Getting Abortions

Were you thinking of fleeing north to escape the draconian reproductive legislation being pushed through in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, and other southern "paradises"? Well, don't bother, because things are getting just as bad for women filthy whores in places like Idaho. Idaho? No, you da ho. Ahem. Anyway, a state… »3/16/12 10:20am