Queen Elsa Finally Arrested After Multi-State Freezing Spree

The police have finally caught one of this century's most unforgivable villains. After a winter laced with cruelty and temperatures like those we've never seen before (It was like 60 in San Francisco the other day), South Carolina police have finally apprehended the mercurial snow queen while she was in the act. » 2/24/15 10:50am 2/24/15 10:50am

Online Dating Will Now Be Slightly Less Dangerous

Finding love on the internet is complicated enough, it would sure be nice to know that you don't have to worry about ending up on an awkward coffee date with a registered sex offender. Now, thankfully, you're about to have a little more protection in that department. Three big dating sites—Match.com, eHarmony, and… » 3/21/12 9:30am 3/21/12 9:30am

A Rogues Gallery of Lady Criminals from the 1870s

Long before there were faces of meth and Lindsay Lohan DUIs, there were plenty of regular troublemakers stealing things and getting busted. These mugshots from the Newcastle City Gaol and House of Correction in England, which were taken between 1871 and 1873, offer a fascinating look into the life of ordinary women… » 2/17/12 2:20pm 2/17/12 2:20pm

Britney's New Video Features Shower Nudity With Real-Life Boyfriend

Since Britney Spears' current beau is a civilian, not a celebrity, we don't know all that much about him. According to what we've read in the tabloids, Jason Trawick used to be Brit's agent and now he's forever plotting creative ways to propose to her (if he hasn't already). We don't learn a tremendous amount from his… » 10/19/11 11:11pm 10/19/11 11:11pm