Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert to Plead Guilty to Charges He Paid Hush Money to Sex Abuse Victim

Lawyers for ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert told a federal judge this morning that he will plead guilty later this month in a case where he’s accused of bank fraud and lying to the FBI. Several media outlets have reported that Hastert is suspected of agreeing to pay a man millions to cover up sexual abuse. »10/15/15 12:19pm10/15/15 12:19pm


Idaho Woman Keeps the Party Going After Teen Passes Out, Administers IV

I have put at least 14 total minutes into deciding whether or not I want to be a cool parent or not. I mean, I would want my dependents to like me, but at the same time, I don't want to be like this 37-year-old Idaho lady who gave a bunch of alcohol to minors and kept the party going after a 14-year-old girl passed… »9/07/14 6:41pm9/07/14 6:41pm

Groom Causes Brawl After Groping Pregnant Bartender on His Wedding Night

Weddings are probably the most common way for newlyweds to drunkenly embarrass themselves before all of their loved ones, but one belligerent groom definitely took that tradition too far. A wedding in Pittsburgh ended with fisticuffs and then handcuffs after the newlywed groom continuously felt up pregnant bartender… »9/02/14 2:20pm9/02/14 2:20pm

Florida Judge Charged with Over a Dozen Instances of Improper Conduct

Earlier this year, Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover was removed from a case after sending one of her litigants a friend request on Facebook and then allegedly retaliating against the litigant when her request was denied. Well apparently Schoonover has quite the record of "ethical wrongdoing"—like more than a dozen and… »9/02/14 10:50am9/02/14 10:50am