Jason Alexander Issues Serviceable Apology for Calling Cricket a ‘Gay Sport’

Just in case anyone was really starting to pine for some vintage George Costanza foot-swallowing, actor and recently re-sodded cranium Jason Alexander called cricket a "gay sport" last week on Craig Ferguson's Are You Still Fucking Awake? talk program. Alexander expatiated on cricket's supposed homosexuality: »6/03/12 3:00pm6/03/12 3:00pm


What's The Point Of Cheerleaders For Cricket In India? (Or Cheerleaders Anywhere?)

Everything I know about cricket, which isn't much, I learned from my Black World Literature professor in college, a tiny Indian woman and cricket fanatic who would devote the first 10 minutes of every class to updating us lame American kids on the sport that was like a religion to her. I quickly learned that cricket… »4/24/08 6:00pm4/24/08 6:00pm