Obama Campaign Clarifies that Mitt Romney Did Not Rape any Companies

This week, it seems like everyone in a tie or smart business shirt has been jabbering on about how or if Mitt Romney's record as a Professional Millionaire at Bain Capital reflects poorly on his ability to be a job creating President. And while the Obama campaign has been sticking to the line that Romney's record as a… »5/22/12 7:00pm5/22/12 7:00pm


Buying Beauty: Women Won't Pinch Pennies When It Comes To Cosmetics

Brandweek's Jim Edwards has an article out today that claims that even in the face of economic crisis, sales of high-priced beauty treatments, such as $1000 tubs of La Prairie skin creams and vanity Botox injections, are actually on the rise. »10/05/08 3:30pm10/05/08 3:30pm "That is the high-end beauty category in a nutshell," Edwards notes,…