'I Am Sure in Your Mind That This Was Some Big Step for Girl Power'

Most of us have received a crap email or two in our day. You know the type — the ex who tries to make you feel bad about yourself, the forgotten hookup who's convinced he was the most important person in your life, the date who inelegantly demands a second chance. But these are all garden-variety assholery compared to… » 3/05/12 3:45pm 3/05/12 3:45pm

Is GASP Closing The Site Of The Rudest Moment In Retail?

It seems the Australian chain store GASP may be shuttering the location where a salesperson yelled at a shopper for failing to grasp the genius of a garment that resembles a "dead flamingo." Ben Tyers Tweets, "Lol at GASP Chapel St closing down" along with a photo of store advertising a "closing down sale." We'd be… » 10/04/11 10:09pm 10/04/11 10:09pm

"Its Easy To See You Dont Have What It Takes To Cut It"

This afternoon we received an email from a person who was all riled up, we think, over Missdemeanors, and maybe some other stuff? Women in general? Lesbians? Small penises? In any case, this person accused us of "stepping on [her?] first amendment rigths[sic] a little" adding that we're "jealous" of a certain gossip… » 12/11/07 4:40pm 12/11/07 4:40pm