Wedding MC Just Isn't Feeling It

Reminder: Never agree to do anything for someone’s wedding if you’re not prepared to go all in. Sure, helping out sounds like a good idea when the wedding’s two years off and you’re sure the couple will break up before you have to do anything, but then you could end up like this guy: searching for a stand-in less than… »6/13/15 6:15pm6/13/15 6:15pm

Lonely and Horny Masses Take to Craigslist in Search of Blizzard Sex

With every promise of inclement weather comes a new batch of people just trying to feel something meaningful in this literal cold world. Here are their stories, links included when still available, in case someone strikes your fancy with their cries for sex under the guise that they will deliver you a very special,… »1/26/15 3:30pm1/26/15 3:30pm

Guy Tries to Hook Up With Wife's Nurse in Worst Craigslist Ad Ever

Romance. It can start in so many places, in so many different ways. A chance meeting at a favorite restaurant or coffee shop. A shared interest in a local civic project or organization. A casual glance across a crowded room. Or, perhaps, while your wife is in labor, you fall in love with the nurse delivering your baby. »11/18/14 11:35pm11/18/14 11:35pm

Cleveland Man Looks to Hire a Fake Family to Increase Salary

The job market can be tough—there's no denying that. Everyone is looking for ways to make themselves a more attractive hire or develop skills that will lead to a higher salary. But those things generally require some sort of actual work and intelligence. Meanwhile, one man in Cleveland is willing to craft an elaborate… »11/06/14 11:25pm11/06/14 11:25pm

​NY Craigslist Dude Seeks Woman to Accompany Him on Ebola Getaway

A dude in New York who is feeling the pressure of our impending doom at the hands of the crisis that has killed nearly 5,000 people (though the number is projected to be much higher) in Western Africa and will most likely not become so serious in other parts of the world/Africa has made quite the proposition on Ye… »10/25/14 1:45pm10/25/14 1:45pm