Establishment Republicans Are Delusional About Hillary Clinton and in Denial About Trump

This time last year, the mood at the Conservative Political Action Conference could best be described as giddy as hell. Republicans were, at that point, spoiled for presidential candidates: Rand Paul won the presidential straw poll, with Scott Walker close behind. Ben Carson spent the event being trailed by his own…


The Delightful, Very Pink World of Lady-Centric Swag at the Conservative Political Action Conference 

We’re here at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and we are women, and that is OK. Better than OK: this year’s CPAC features a notable amount of free swag and purchase-able items aimed at the lady GOP consumer. You can find it easily because most of it is pink. A few highlights:

The Amazing Amazon Reviews of CPAC’s Terrible Reading List

Here at CPAC—the premiere conference and networking event of the conservative movement, which I’ll be attending for the next two days—most things are free. The NRA beer koozie? Free. An “I’m Ready For Freedom, Not Free Stuff” poster? You guessed it—free. A gold-plated, life-size pin of a fetus’s feet? Free, and I took…

Live From the Red, White, and Blue Bowels of CPAC, It's a GOP Debate Liveblog 

At a truly unholy hour this morning, your author, along with Gawker news editor Gabrielle Bluestone, traveled from our respective homes in Godless Sodmiteooklyn to National Harbor, Maryland, an eerily empty “waterfront destination” just outside D.C. We joined a few thousand edgy Republicans at the Gaylord National…