Fox News Isn't Renewing Sarah Palin's Contract, Which Is Too Bad

Politico is reporting that Fox News has not renewed their contract with Governor Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate and, as of now, freelance pundit. That’s right. Now she could be anywhere. Check the shower. Check the closet. Does your family have a koi pond? She could be out there in hip-waders, trying… »6/24/15 12:10pm6/24/15 12:10pm


Former CPAC Head Lisa De Pasquale on Love, Inclusion, and Barf 

Lisa De Pasquale is a conservative writer of both fiction and punditry who, to date, was the longest-serving head of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). She organized the behemoth conference from 2006 to 2011. During her time behind the scenes, she's seen and done things that read less like a job and… »3/03/15 3:45pm3/03/15 3:45pm

No Abortions, No Raises, More Guns: A CPAC Guide to Women's Success 

Jezebel managing editor Erin Gloria Ryan and I spent most of last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in part because we thought it would be hilarious fun (it was). I also went because I wanted to get a better sense of the right's priorities for women. It's that deluded instinct that got me standing… »3/02/15 4:15pm3/02/15 4:15pm

10,000 Elephants in the Room: I Made It Through CPAC Without Puking

I am sitting in a rented banquet chair watching Carly Fiorina remove her headset. In a moment, I will stand, smile with false confidence, and replace Fiorina in the chair she vacates, facing the questions of two right wing radio hosts. I was out until 3 a.m. last night drinking whiskey with both of my imminent… »3/02/15 2:15pm3/02/15 2:15pm

'Hairspray, Teasing, Rollers': Conservative Beauty Secrets from CPAC 

Jezebel managing editor Erin Gloria Ryan and I are here at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where the politics are a deep crimson, the lip colors hew to a ladylike coral, and some of the hair is so close to heaven it's practically one with the Lord. We managed to grab a quick Q&A with the ladies of Style… »2/27/15 4:10pm2/27/15 4:10pm

Loving the Shit Out of America: Everything Good About CPAC

When Jezebel decided to send two people to CPAC, I'm sure people familiar with this site's typical political line thought we'd spend the whole time shitting on it. Before we arrived, we feared we were about to walk into what is essentially a conference for angry Fox Nation comments. But the reality is actually... kind… »2/27/15 1:50pm2/27/15 1:50pm

Chris Christie Is So, So Proud of Slashing Family Planning Funding 

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. Thursday during an interview with talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Chris Christie tried his best to woo a somewhat tepid crowd of conservative voters who are never, ever, not in a thousand years going to nominate him for president. So Christie rolled… »2/26/15 3:00pm2/26/15 3:00pm

CPAC, Day 1: Where the Fuck Is Phyllis Schlafly? 

It's morning in America and at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Jezebel managing editor Erin Gloria Ryan and I are alive and well and talking to fresh-faced college Libertarians about why personal freedom is good and abortion is bad. But we've already experienced one serious disappointment: Phyllis… »2/26/15 12:30pm2/26/15 12:30pm

CPAC Panelist Manages to Reserve Most of His Criticism for a Female Reporter and Not the Racist Dickbag Who Hijacked the Panel Discussion

In a surprise turn of blame-giving, CPAC panelist K. Carl Smith, a representative from the Frederick Douglass Republicans who unfortunately ceded the floor to an anthropomorphized pile of racist vacuum cleaner gatherings during the panel discussion, managed somehow to reserve most of his criticism for a female… »3/17/13 5:00pm3/17/13 5:00pm

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Needs to Stop Pretending He Gives a Shit About Rape Victims

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre made a speech at CPAC today in which he excoriated liberals for suggesting that arming women might not be the be-all and end-all of rape prevention. "The one thing a violent rapist deserves," LaPierre said, smirking,"is to face is a good woman with a gun!" (HUGE APPLAUSE.)… »3/15/13 5:20pm3/15/13 5:20pm

CPAC Releases Suggested Dress Code: Don't Get Caught in Uggs, Leggings, or Rompers

MAJOR FASHION CRISIS: this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) starts tomorrow, and I still have no clue what to wear to meet my idols Donald Trump (who still hasn't responded to our Miss USA expose, btw), Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin! Whatever shall I do?! »3/13/13 10:25am3/13/13 10:25am

A Warning to Whorish Girls That They'll Never Find a Husband

A jiggling menace is stalking the delicate sensibilities of attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference: women who dress like two-bit whores are skanking up the joint. And if they're not dressed like slutburgers with extra sleaze, they're buttoned up, nunnish frumps. According to one conservative and… »2/15/12 11:40am2/15/12 11:40am

Some Cranky Guy at CPAC Says Rachel Maddow is Best Argument in Favor of Contraception

If you've got clinically low blood pressure, I've got great news: the CPAC, or Conservative Political Action Conference, is meeting this week in Washington, raising the city's level of curmudgeonly dickishness to unprecedented levels. At the forefront of the race toward insufferability is Cal Thomas, conservative… »2/09/12 6:00pm2/09/12 6:00pm