​Cow Whisperer Assembles Herd of Cows Probably for World Domination

Rudi Rok is a voice actor and internet personality who can mimic animal noises really well. So well, that he tricks animals. He's like the David Blaine of furry things. While given the hubbub about the 29 impersonations dude being a fake, I feel like I must exercise an even more intense degree of caution/everything… » 7/13/14 4:45pm 7/13/14 4:45pm

PETA Hands Out Pamphlet at Elementary School Featuring Mutilated Cows

In another edition of PETA Is The Worst, parents in Woodland Hills, California allege that the organization handed out pamphlets to their children at school containing graphic pictures of mutilated cows. The children were traumatized by these pamphlets on the same day that a baby cow was on campus as part of a lesson… » 2/05/14 5:30pm 2/05/14 5:30pm

Good Morning! Enjoy a Carton of Cereal-Flavored Milk

Cereal is awesome, isn't it? Well, except for all that chewing and sogginess, cereal is pretty awesome, but, jeez, doesn't your jaw get tired from masticating all those corn shavings and marshmallow bits? It'd be way better if you could just get that cloying cereal taste without all the effort, if cereal just slid… » 4/16/13 10:25am 4/16/13 10:25am

Thanks to the Drought, Cows Are Eating Candy and Cookies Faster Than a…

Depending on your perspective, the most recent drought has wrought some pretty interesting stuff. For instance, did you know that now, because corn prices are so high, feed rations for beef and dairy cows have consequently become prohibitively expensive? And, as a result, a lot of U.S. cattlemen have been… » 9/23/12 3:30pm 9/23/12 3:30pm

Test Tube Cows Produce 'Human-Like Milk'

Researchers at China Agricultural University have done something truly disgusting: They've introduced human genes into test tube cows so that they can produce a "human-like milk." The lead researcher, professor Ning Li told the Sunday Telegraph, "The milk tastes stronger than normal milk." Mmm, test tube milk that's… » 4/03/11 12:15pm 4/03/11 12:15pm

Someone's Confused About The Definition Of "Sea Cow"

[Australia, February 21: A cow and it's handler pose for surrealist artist Andrew Baines at Abby Beach in Busselton, Australia. Baines worked with South West Dairy Farmers to prepare the cows to stand in the ocean for up to ten minutes to complete his installation. Please note: Chickens don't live in the sea, and… » 2/21/11 9:30pm 2/21/11 9:30pm