Woman Artists Remix 'Hotline Bling,' Tell Drake to Sit The Fuck Down 

Recently, as if acting of their own volition or by the direction of some cruel puppeteer, my hands navigated to iTunes and purchased Drake’s single “Hotline Bling.” At first I bemoaned this purchase, which I was certain would result in nothing more than the foolhardy loss of $1.29 and some extra data languishing on my… »11/17/15 6:50pm11/17/15 6:50pm


Keep the 808s & Heartbreak Renaissance Going with Christine and the Queens' 'Paradis Perdus'

Fall is the season of blue and bluster: a time to reflect on all the things you’ve done, the things you wish you wouldn’t have, the things you’re never going to get to do. Kanye’s doing 808s at the Hollywood Bowl; at home, you’re bringing the heartbreak in hot. And Christine and the Queens, the elegantly subversive »10/01/15 6:20pm10/01/15 6:20pm

Bleachers Released an All-Female Cover Album of Strange Desire and It Rules

Forget Ryan Adams’s 1989, an album whose pleasures should be apparent to only Ryan Adams fans and interesting to a smaller cohort still. In terms of gender-flipped cover collections, what Bleachers just did in Terrible Thrills Vol. 2 is much, much livelier: it’s their debut album Strange Desire with a different woman… »9/28/15 11:40am9/28/15 11:40am

Ciara Covered The Rolling Stones's 'Paint It Black' For a Vin Diesel Movie About Witches

This is an Instagram video posted by Ciara, temporarily celibate recording artist, in which she shares a snippet of her new song, “Paint It Black.” The track (which Ciara describes as “unreal”) was originally performed by The Rolling Stones (whom Ciara describes as “one of music’s Greatest Bands), and was recorded for… »9/17/15 7:00pm9/17/15 7:00pm

Watch FKA twigs Cover Sia's 'Elastic Heart' for BBC1

Science says that 98 percent of people who listen to any given FKA twigs song will then immediately wonder whether she’s avoiding melodies on purpose, or what? Twigs put out a near-perfect album, and is acute, ingenious and dead-on with her aesthetic and production—but aside from a few licks in “Two Weeks,” her… »9/10/15 12:20pm9/10/15 12:20pm

Watch Alessia Cara Do 'Bad Blood' Better Than Taylor Swift Herself

Alessia Cara is going to be a star. You can hear the 18-year-old Def Jam signee flex quietly in her first single “Here,” a track that drags and flutters like Amy Winehouse in a haze of suburban innocence; Alessia’s got a preternatural sense of a beat’s interstices and pockets, and a voice that’s all rough, silvery,… »7/09/15 10:50am7/09/15 10:50am

Philadelphia Mayor Drops the Mic On 'Rapper's Delight' With The Roots

This weekend was a big one for America. Not only did we celebrate Independence Day by getting hella drunk and enjoying our freedom to throw up on the shoes of strangers, but a very important politician dropped the mic on a rap classic. You’ve got to see Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter just kill “Rapper’s Delight.” »7/06/15 12:50pm7/06/15 12:50pm

Good Vibes For the Weekend: Here's MNEK Covering Cher's 'Believe'

MNEK—a 20-year-old artist from the UK, whose real name is Uzo Emenike, get it—is legit as hell: he’s got writing and production credits on a slew of British pop, house and garage hits, most notably Duke Dumont’s “Need U (100%),” and his voice is wonderful, all unshakable, soulful, velvety command. His debut EP Small… »5/22/15 12:30pm5/22/15 12:30pm

Florence Welch Sings 'Love Hurts' With Father John Misty, Broken Foot 

During the first weekend of Coachella, Florence Welch dove off the stage during her performance, fulfilling the dream of every live performer. She also broke the hell out of her foot. She returned for a shortened second-weekend set and made up for the time by bringing Father John Misty to accompany her in a… »4/20/15 5:40pm4/20/15 5:40pm

Watch Ariana Grande Cover 'I Have Nothing' and Hit Every Last Note

Known baby Ariana Grande often seems less than comfortable in a performance setting—she dances stiffly in perpetual Halloween costume, like a stage mom's counting her in from the wings—but this video, via Refinery 29, has her at perfect ease: white sequins, a grand piano, and the one part of performance she does take… »4/13/15 9:50am4/13/15 9:50am

Here's Ellie Goulding on an Ice Queen Cover of 'Take Me To Church'

Ellie Goulding is as malleable a vocalist as her voice itself is distinctive: her paper-moon iced-out soprano conforms to any style she wants it to while still rendering all her tracks unmistakably stamped. She has a history of going very slightly outré for her covers (previously, she's nailed the Weeknd, Alt-J, James… »3/12/15 10:50am3/12/15 10:50am

Shailene Woodley Is a Beautiful Street Urchin in Love on Her Elle Cover

Who knows if wood nymph Shailene Woodley has evolved from eating mud and sunning her vagina, but she's definitely still a nomad. Woodley is profiled in the April issue of Elle magazine, and her homeless status is right there on the cover: "Beauty! Brains! Talent! Shailene has it all. Except for a place to sleep… »3/12/15 9:30am3/12/15 9:30am