Read The Year's 69 Silliest Sex-Related Cover Lines

The design website UnderConsideration has created an incredible interactive graphic featuring 69 real cover lines featured on magazines in 2010. You can filter by magazine or by various keywords, including "burning," "crazy," "STDs," "thong," and "vagina," to generate a new graphic. It's an incredibly useful tool for… »2/22/11 12:45am2/22/11 12:45am


September Marie Claire : Eva Mendes Has A Fu—kin' Girlcrush

Oh goody, it's the September Marie Claire »8/26/08 3:00pm8/26/08 3:00pm featuring Eva Mendes. We learned a lot this month from the women's mag that is "more than just a pretty face." Like, did you know that Eva Mendes has a girlcrush on Annette Bening because the woman is not afraid to say the word "fuck"? Or that it's okay to read while sitting…

The June Vogue Is So Very Confusing (Kind Of Like SJP's Awful Expression)

Why the long face, SJP? Perhaps you're confused, like us, about the pain-killer-induced art direction which resulted in your surprisingly unflattering visage on this month's cover? Maybe you can't quite follow your mise-en-abyme-filled profile where writer Plum Sykes totally just blurs the line between you, Carrie… »5/21/08 3:40pm5/21/08 3:40pm

Marie Claire's 'Body Issue' Is All About Making You Feel Bad About Yours

It's officially Summer in the world of women's magazines! Are you as excited as we are for the massive amount of "expert" advice on slimming down and toning up so that you can fit into the perfect $300 swimsuit for your body type? The June Marie Claire "Body Issue" helps us kick off the season with a feature on… »5/14/08 3:00pm5/14/08 3:00pm