Thanks to the NFL, Cover Girl Has a PR Nightmare On Its Hands

The NFL's oafish response to the Ray Rice elevator tape has led to a national outcry against the league's leadership and the culture it has allowed to fester. It was only a matter of time, really, before this became a PR nightmare for its many sponsors and partners. The latest? Cover Girl, the "official beauty… »9/15/14 11:30am9/15/14 11:30am

Mascara Ads Will Never Not Feature False Eyelashes

In news that will surprise no one, despite years of being chastised by the National Advertising Division, makeup companies have continued to fight the good fight and attempt to convince customers that those SKY HIGH lashes are the result of their product and are not also helped by a good set of falsies. At this point,… »11/13/13 10:50am11/13/13 10:50am

Get Your Bougie Capitol Self Some Hunger Games Makeup

The first images have been released for the makeup you, YES, you can buy from CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection, inspired by The Hunger Games book two, Catching Fire. As seen in the images above, of District 1 ("Luxury") at left and District 4 ("Fishing") at right, the collection is about displaying pure wealth, not the… »8/14/13 2:40pm8/14/13 2:40pm

Cosmetics Companies May Be Forced To Stop Lying To Us With Photoshopped Ads

Recently, CoverGirl cosmetics ran an ad for mascara that featured pictorial proof that their mascara was capable of transforming women's eyelashes from anemic to voluptuous. Except the pictorial proof of the makeup's effectiveness was actually just a photoshopped image that sort of represented what the company wanted… »12/16/11 3:00pm12/16/11 3:00pm

Mascara Ad Uses False Lashes To Convince You Of "True" Volume

This fairly straight-forward CoverGirl LashBlast ad — seen in this week's Ok! magazine — features two images of ANTM winner Nicole Fox, and one beauty shot of a mascara bottle and wand. The copy asks, "Is your volume true? Or false?" And continues: "LastBlast gives you true volume. If your mascara promises volume but… »5/27/11 4:10pm5/27/11 4:10pm