Menopause May Be the Evolutionary Origin of Romantic Relationships -- And Cheating

Menopause is one of the oddest features of human reproductive biology. Not the hot flashes or the forgetfulness, but the fact that older women lose the ability to have babies. Now researchers say that once it appeared, menopause may have had a ripple effect on human mating that helped create the human pair-bond. »9/08/15 8:45pm9/08/15 8:45pm


How Rollerskating Helped Victorian Youths Feel Each Other Up

The Victorian era (1837-1901) was a period of great prudishness and even greater horniness. While huge amounts of pressure were put on courtship, a young, unmarried couple was never allowed alone without a chaperone. These virile youths were frustrated and dying for a premarital fumble. Enter their solution on eight… »4/08/15 3:45pm4/08/15 3:45pm

Burn Your MFA: The 300 Sandwiches Lady Has A Book Deal

Stephanie Smith, the lady who sandwiched her way onto the internet's STFU list with her blogged quest to make 300 sandwiches so her boyfriend would give her an engagement ring, has landed a book deal thanks to a publishing house imprint headed by two dudes who used to work in men's magazines. You guys, I'm beginning… »11/13/13 1:30pm11/13/13 1:30pm

Isn't It Time the NSA Went Into the Matchmaking Business?

Meeting people sucks. Maybe it would just be easier if the government did it for us. Before you dismiss my proposal as another big Nanny State bleeding heart poopy pants liberal Obamabot fantasy, consider what's happening in South Korea, where the lowest fertility rate among industrialized countries (1.15) has… »8/05/13 6:00pm8/05/13 6:00pm

Just Another Friendly Reminder That Dating Is Over and You Will Never Find Love

Happy Monday! Did you read the country's leading publications over the weekend, or were you too busy sobbing into your eggs benedict about how Billy the bartender never responded to your texts, which meant you couldn't trap him in your Marriage Cage as planned? If the latter, let's get you up to speed: courtship is… »1/14/13 2:30pm1/14/13 2:30pm

Ornithologists Determine that Male Bowerbirds are Probably Tricksters

Members of the scientific community have marveled for years at the Australian bowerbird's elaborate courtship ritual, in which the male bowerbird builds an elaborate edifice of a twig canopy arching over an avenue (called a "gesso") of stones, bones, and shells in order to impress on a female bowerbird that he is… »1/22/12 5:00pm1/22/12 5:00pm