You Could Cop Courtney Love's Wearable Lingerie Collection... Or You Could Just Thrift a Slip

Courtney Love’s collaboration with Nasty Gal dropped today, and it is indeed, as promised, full of wearable lingerie and baby-dolls modeled after the ones Love wore in the 1990s. They’re cute and affordable, relatively speaking; one of the looks is almost identical to her quintessential “kinderwhore” ensembles, also…

Fondly Remembering Sassy Magazine's Savage Cover Profiles

Reading our own Clover Hope’s excellent piece about fanboy journalism today sparked a memory that’s never far from mind: In the early 1990s, beloved cool-teen magazine Sassy perfected the art of anti-fangirling, running several feature profiles on then-famous teens that reveled in brutally excoriating their subjects.…

Frances Bean Has a Creepy Doll Made With Locks of Kurt Cobain's Hair

Two items belonging to Kurt Cobain were put on auction Monday—the vintage cardigan he wore on MTV Unplugged in 1993 (starting bid: $25,000) and a small lock of his hair (starting bid: $4000). Buried in the lot description, though, was a much more important bit of news: Frances Bean has a creepy doll made with locks of…

Will the New Kurt Cobain Doc Spur More Sexist Hate for Courtney Love?

I DVR’d Montage of Heck and watched it a day after it premiered on HBO. I waited partly out of dread. Everything I’ve read about the Kurt Cobain documentary cast it as the most through and fascinating depiction of him ever—largely due to unprecedented access to home movies, journals, and a clutch of his Dr Demento-