Cat Killer

Joe "Cat-Killer" Petcka, the baseball player-cum-actor whose recent trial over the murder of his girlfriend's cat resulted in a hung jury » 9/29/08 9:20am 9/29/08 9:20am last Friday, was on this morning with his attorney. Petcka's claim during the trial was that he was defending himself against the cat (whose name was Norman) after the cat started to …

Sports Bra Saves Stranded Hiker • L.A. Strippers Sue Clubs For Tips

An American hiker in the Bavarian Alps who was stranded for 3 days was rescued after she attached her sports bra to a cable used by lumberjacks to get their attention. • A new study has found that men are more likely to share their creative work online than women. • Lesbians are barred from donating blood in China… » 6/23/08 4:30pm 6/23/08 4:30pm