Most Extreme Couponers Aren't Doing It For The Savings

A highly-necessary study conducted by University of Arizona researchers confirms what you probably suspected if you've ever stood in line at the grocery store behind a woman buying 42 cans of cat food because she has coupons and they're on sale: Most of the people who use coupons are in it for the sport, not because… »12/12/11 9:50am12/12/11 9:50am

Extreme Couponer Tells Her Son Bedtime Stories About Coupons

TLC's Extreme Couponing returned last night with a new episode in which we met Callie, or as she likes to be called, "The Cajun Couponer." Callie is a 28-year-old stay-at-home Mom from Louisiana with a husband, two sons, and (surprise!) an addiction to coupons. How do I know it's an addiction? Well, when drag your… »10/13/11 3:30pm10/13/11 3:30pm

Extreme Couponing Sparks Increase In Nationwide Newspaper Theft

The most ridiculous thing to come out of TLC's Extreme Couponing is not the fact that we are quite literally watching people dumpster dive for coupons, but that there's some real truth to what we're watching. As you are no doubt aware, the economy is in the shitter, and as such people are going to extremes to gather… »8/19/11 2:15pm8/19/11 2:15pm