Experts: Schedule Marriage Performance Reviews for Everlasting Love

Nothing sucks quite like a performance review. Even when you know you’re doing well, hearing about your weaknesses is never any fun, so it’s no surprise that I’ve never met a person who has said, “You know what I’d like? For people to judge me in my personal life like they do at work!” That’s why it’s so strange that… »10/07/15 3:25pm10/07/15 3:25pm


Here Are Some More Surprising Nicknames Celebrities Call Their Partners

This week, a source told Us Weekly that Taylor Swift calls Calvin Harris by his real name, Adam, in private. This shocked some, but should have come as no surprise to anyone. Celebrities are, as we’re so often told, just like us. And us, or we, like giving people—especially ones we’re in love with—nicknames. »9/15/15 2:45pm9/15/15 2:45pm

Women Are Doing the Man Things But Men Won't Do the Lady Things

Women are doing all the "man things" they can these days. Wars. Heavy lifting. Dangerous jobs. Cigars. Heart attacks. And men are doing more "lady things" than ever before, like expressing identifiable emotion and caring about children. They are really picking up the slack and the slacks. Get it? From off the floor?… »9/09/13 1:20pm9/09/13 1:20pm

Stereotypes of Men and Women Solve Stereotypical Problems Differently

Thank goodness for gender stereotypes. Without them, what would shitty stand up comics use as premises for bits? What would evolutionary psychologists study? They'd have to go back to college and get art history degrees, and the comics would be stuck with taking shots about Nickelback, which is the new airline food… »7/02/13 7:45pm7/02/13 7:45pm

Your Evening Cry: One of the Best Love Stories We've Ever Read

The New York Times Modern Love column can be tedious, pretentious, and downright ridiculous. But sometimes it's compelling, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Today's piece just set my tear ducts into overdrive, and although I'm incredibly exhausted today (STFU, hormones!), I'm positive I'd still sniffle if I wasn't. »1/24/13 9:15pm1/24/13 9:15pm

Facebook Is Auto-Creating Creepy 'Relationship' Pages You Didn't Ask For

At first, Facebook was irrelevant. I didn't get it. Why did I need Facebook when I could post all the Blingees I wanted on my friends' MySpace walls? This shit is obviously dumb. But then, somehow, seemingly overnight, Facebook became ubiquitous. Lively. MySpace was static, stagnant garbage. Facebook was fun and… »11/13/12 7:00pm11/13/12 7:00pm