Jamie Lynn Spears Is Now a Hit Songwriter Thanks to Horrifying Country Single 'I Got the Boy'

Jamie Lynn Spears, former Nickelodeon star and sister of Britney Jean, has just reached a fairly significant milestone in her blossoming songwriting career: she’s entered the Billboard Hot 100. Spears co-write Jana Kramer’s “I Got the Boy,” which debuted at No. 92 this week. »10/22/15 12:50pm10/22/15 12:50pm


Rejected Titles for Carrie Underwood's New Single 'What I Never Knew I Always Wanted'

Carrie Underwood, the Grammy-winning country singer who will destroy your property with a baseball bat and never get charged for it, released a new track from her upcoming album Storyteller this week, and it’s got a long title. Not Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens long, but long. »10/20/15 1:10pm10/20/15 1:10pm

Where Are the Women in Country Music? Watching, Waiting and Ready

It’s 85 degrees out as dusk lowers itself onto downtown Nashville. A breeze slowly wends its way through the crowd, roaming around the hordes of young women in short-shorts, every article of clothing possible covered in fringe, perfectly curled hair rolling down their backs, blindingly white grins open wide as they… »6/29/15 11:10am6/29/15 11:10am

Brandy Clark, the Best Storyteller in Country Music


Titled like a nod to Salinger or a year-end anthology, Brandy Clark’s debut album 12 Stories begins with a promise, as well as a reminder of what country music has always claimed, and lately, often, failed, to do. It’s stories, not anecdotes, not scenarios, not atmosphere that drives the genre—but real stories, rife… »6/14/15 8:32pm6/14/15 8:32pm

Is Sam Hunt Truly the Drake of Country Music?

Sam Hunt, the former college football player turned country hit-maker responsible for love-lorn, hip-hop infused tracks, has been compared to Drake before, in a way that perhaps reveals the mainstream music press’s biases a little too clearly. (They’ve been particularly linked after Hunt covered “Marvin’s Room” in… »6/12/15 2:30pm6/12/15 2:30pm

Bounty Hunter Shoots, Kills Country Star Randy Howard

Randy Howard was an early ‘80s country star who toured with the likes of Willie Nelson and released novelty numbers like “All American Redneck” (“He’s got a pick-up truck/he loves to fuck”) and “My Nose Don’t Work No More” which is, obviously, about snorting too much cocaine. Unfortunately, like all the best country… »6/11/15 11:30pm6/11/15 11:30pm

Country Music Dude: In Radio, Female Performers Are Basically Garnishes

Country Aircheck Weekly is a trade publication devoted to country radio news, not exactly a popular read for most households. But their latest issue has drawn the attention of star Martina McBride because of an interview with music consultant Keith Hill, who said if country music is a salad, men are the lettuce and… »5/28/15 12:45pm5/28/15 12:45pm

RaeLynn's 'For A Boy' Is Some Cool Old-Fashioned Gender Essentialism

RaeLynn, the artist behind “God Made Girls” (and a former The Voice contestant) is back, and her latest song is full of just as many boring assumptions about the differences between men and women as the last. It’s aptly titled “For A Boy” (subtitle “You Sure Are Sensitive!” not included). »5/11/15 7:00pm5/11/15 7:00pm

Little Big Town's 'Girl Crush': a Perfect Storm of Country Controversy

In December, the band Little Big Town released "Girl Crush," the second single off their album Pain Killer. The track title wasn't exactly going to endear it to those who chafe at the term "girl crush." But the song's subject matter has also alienated the very people who should love it, because it flirts with… »3/26/15 4:50pm3/26/15 4:50pm

​Miley Cyrus Should and Probably Will Do a Country Album 

Miley Cyrus's musical and literal roots are in country/rock music (ahem, godmother Dolly Parton and dad Billy Rae Cyrus), so it wasn't much of a surprise to see her cover Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" during SNL's 40th anniversary special this weekend. But the degree to which she killed it, displaying… »2/17/15 6:10pm2/17/15 6:10pm

A Moment of Appreciation for the Glorious Country Fashions of the '90s

On Wednesday night, I had a grand old time watching the CMA Awards, inexplicable Ariana Grande appearance and all. But around the time Loretta Lynn showed up wearing ten tons of sequins and they ran that supercut of classic Vince Gill moments, I began to long for the fabulous country music fashions of the 1990s. »11/06/14 3:50pm11/06/14 3:50pm

One Dude Shows How You Can Actually Help Women in Country Music

Though there's been newfound attention paid to whether country music's female artists are getting their due, it's been hard to tell whether the industry is reacting accordingly. Well, now it looks like a small portion of it is: SiriusXM plans to actually play more records by women on its airwaves – at least for this… »8/11/14 5:20pm8/11/14 5:20pm

This Country Song About Date Rape Was Inspired by Steubenville

Earlier this year, country artist Kira Isabella released "Quarterback," a radio friendly country song that takes some tired modern tropes of pop country — a nerdy freshman girl who plays trumpet in the marching band pining after the quarterback she never thought would notice her — and turns them on their head when… »8/02/14 2:15pm8/02/14 2:15pm

The Video for 'Girl In A Country Song' Puts the Dudes in Short-Shorts

Quickly capitalizing off the success of "Girl In A Country Song", country duo newcomers Maddie & Tae have released the video for their "groundbreaking" new pop song. As they promised, the video is a play on the country music videos their song lambasts: Maddie & Tae have switched things up and put some dudes in "… »7/28/14 11:50am7/28/14 11:50am