Did You Know Giant Fearsome Cougars Make Adorable Baby Kitten Noises!?

I've spent my whole life living in a place where lots of cougars also live, so for my own safety I was raised to RESPECT THE COUGAR. Cougars are not "cute." Cougars are not giant kitties. Cougars are majestic, dangerous beasts that are probably sitting in a tree above you right now waiting to drop down and fasten… »7/11/14 6:15pm7/11/14 6:15pm

The 'Cougars' Of Silicon Valley Prey On Tipsy Programmers

At long last, the utopian dream of nature and technology living in perfect synergy has come true, thanks to the efforts of a pair of dedicated Silicon Valley visionaries. The ground-breaking duo, Amy Andersen and Nina Ericson, have at last found a way to intermingle men in tech, that rare specimen, with the wild and… »4/05/13 3:05pm4/05/13 3:05pm

Here's the Trailer for Two Mothers, the Film About BFFs Who Screw Each Other's Teenage Sons

For her first English language film, French filmmaker Anne Fontaine (best known for 2009's Coco Before Chanel) decided to direct an adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning author and bad bitch Doris Lessing's novella "The Grandmothers," about two lifelong friends who carry on affairs with each other's hunky surfer sons.… »2/14/13 4:00pm2/14/13 4:00pm

School Can't Call Its Team the Cougars Because It's Offensive to Older Ladies

Changing the names of high school sports teams to be less offensive to certain groups—like Native Americans, for instance—is nothing new, but now a school board in Utah has taken it to a whole new level. A high school is opening in 2013 in the town of Draper, Utah, and they wanted to call their team the Cougars. The… »1/19/12 11:05pm1/19/12 11:05pm

Tedious Professor Proves That Younger Men Do Sometimes Date Older Women & Cougars Are A Real Thing, Dammit

Despite the fact that a network television show and a dating site exist in testament to the non-mythological nature of cougars, Dalhousie University professor Marina Adshade still let her douchey male friend insist over dinner that the only men she, a well-educated, gainfully employed, forty-something woman, could… »1/04/12 10:00am1/04/12 10:00am

New Zealand Police Agree To Take Down Creepy Cougars Ad

New Zealand police are pulling print and online ads that read, "We've got a lot in common with cougars. We like 'em young too." Apparently police were hoping to catch the attention of young people with the hottest slang term of 2008. A rep for the marketing company behind the ads explained, "police had failed to see… »2/16/11 11:23am2/16/11 11:23am