Nicki Minaj Is Unimpressed With This Stupid Bill Cosby Costume 

Every Halloween a handful of people make incredibly dumb costume decisions; from dressing in blackface to appropriating other cultures, stupid puns and more. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj called out one particularly misguided costume: a dude who thought that dressing like Bill Cosby and a passed out rape victim, complete… »11/01/15 12:00pm11/01/15 12:00pm

These Topical Political Halloween Costumes Will Make You the Commander in Chief of Every Party

Political costumes are a great way to show all your friends how much smarter you are than them. But thanks to the patriarchy, they can also be boring—a suit with a red or blue tie? I mean, no thank you! When I go out for Halloween, I like to do it full out. Follow these simple guides for costumes that say “My greatest… »10/28/15 4:01pm10/28/15 4:01pm

Claire McCaskill Successfully Baits Trolls With Cruella De Vil Costume 

Here’s Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, dressed as a puppy killer, welcoming the warm and loving embrace of trolls across Twitter. Needless to say, they were eager to share their wit and wisdom with McCaskill. An evil villain plus an abortion-loving Democrat? This is the stuff of dreams! »10/10/15 2:15pm10/10/15 2:15pm

The Disney Store's Halloween Costumes Are No Longer Divided By Gender

Taking a page out of Target’s playbook, the Disney store has decided to take a step forward and stop dividing at least some of its merchandise by gender. This year, the retailer won’t be separating Halloween costumes into a “boys” and “girls” section; instead, the costumes will be listed as either for “kids” or for… »9/18/15 2:40pm9/18/15 2:40pm

Game Of Thrones Designer Says Sand Snakes' "Nipple Armor" Was A Mistake

Readers of George R.R. Martin's novels will be excited to see the legendary Sand Snakes appearing on Game of Thrones this spring. But some people's enthusiasm was slightly tempered when the first set photos of the Sand Snakes appeared, revealing... armor with nipples. Costume designer Michele Clapton says this was a… »12/08/14 3:08pm12/08/14 3:08pm