What Are Historical Broads Always Talking About in Fashion Plates?

Long before glossies and style bloggers there were fashion plates, which the rich woman of yore would take to her modiste (and the less-rich woman would try recreating at home). But have you ever noticed how the women in these illustrations of whatever was “in” for the season always look like they’re discussing… »5/07/15 4:45pm5/07/15 4:45pm


Other Uses for the Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume

I've been studiously ignoring all sides of the Ice Bucket Challenge kerfuffle—if people want to be cold and wet when they donate money to charity, that's fine by me, but let's not pretend like these videos qualify as "entertainment," let alone "comedy"—however, I was intrigued today to come across the "Ice Bucket… »8/22/14 4:20pm8/22/14 4:20pm