Doggy Style Gets Rebranded as 'Petit Fours'

Following up on the success of their "Sex Oympics" feature and, before that, advice about how to put a condom on with your feet, Cosmo continues to kill it with over-the-top, maybe tongue-in-cheek spreads about ways to fuck. This month: sex recipes. » 4/10/14 3:30pm 4/10/14 3:30pm

Condé Nast Fires Self Editor and Vice President/Publisher

In news that's very interestingly timed, Condé Nast said Thursday that Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger had been let go from the publication, as had vice president/publisher Laura McEwen. Danziger is being replaced with Cosmopolitan executive editor Joyce Chang and McEwen is being replaced by Mary Murcko from the… » 4/03/14 5:40pm 4/03/14 5:40pm

Cosmo Generously Teaches Ladies How to Look Hot for the Super Bowl

Listen up, girls. We've got a big day coming up in February. It's the Super Bowl, and it's our one and only chance all year to 1) put those crockpots to good use and 2) lure emotional, vulnerable, and testosterone-crazed men back to our Hello Kitty-clad dungeons simply by wearing a very specific two-toned outfit with… » 1/20/14 2:10pm 1/20/14 2:10pm

The editors of Cosmo have a few questions for all those Cosmo girls out there, namely: "How much would you pay to attend a two-day Cosmo-hosted event in NYC, packed with speakers, networking opportunities to meet people at the top of their fields (people on the level of Sheryl Sandberg, maybe even Sheryl herself!),… » 10/29/13 11:00am 10/29/13 11:00am

Cosmopolitan Editor Wants to Cover More Politics

On the heels of magazine editors the industry across discussing ladymags' devotion to "serious journalism," Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles has said it's her plan to add more politics to the women's mag, which is considered by some to be only good for sex tips like what a good idea it is to leave fruit in your mouth… » 6/19/13 5:50pm 6/19/13 5:50pm

We Read So You Don't Have To: The Year's Biggest Ladymags, Rated and…

In Ladymag Land, the biggest issues of the year are the September issues. And this year, Vogue, Queen of the Ladymags, had its biggest issue ever. Nine hundred sixteen pages: Absolutely GIGANTIC. But all of the Ladymags celebrated the fall season in a huge way, and we could not let this momentous occasion pass without… » 9/06/12 4:00pm 9/06/12 4:00pm

Kate White on Law and Order, Nancy Drew, and Not Meeting Her First…

Kate-Book, which bills itself as a website "For Kates, By Kates, and about Kates," interviewed Kate White — the woman formerly known as editor of Cosmopolitan until yesterday — about (as you may have guessed) being a Kate, as well as some other things. » 9/05/12 1:50pm 9/05/12 1:50pm

Will New EIC Joanna Coles Change Cosmopolitan?

Joanna Coles, the current editor of Marie Claire (and regular "Project Runway All Stars" judge), will replace Kate White as the editor of Cosmopolitan, America's most popular women's magazine and bible for fun fearless women who aren't afraid of psychotic sex tips. » 9/04/12 2:00pm 9/04/12 2:00pm

How Well Does Sex and the Single Girl's Sex Advice Hold Up?

The late Helen Gurley Brown lived like Peggy, but she plotted like Joan. When she wrote Sex and the Single Girl, she was in her forties, and had been married for years. But that didn't stop her from crafting a book that helped rewrite the Old-Maid-at-Twenty-Three world of being a single lady in the 1960s. The book's… » 8/17/12 12:40pm 8/17/12 12:40pm

Meet the Religious Heiress Waging an Anti-Cosmo Campaign

The Observer's Kat Stoeffel got some fantastic quotes from Victoria Hearst, daughter of former Hearst Corp. chairman Randolph A. Hearst and younger sister of Patty and Anne. Victoria is sponsoring a new online petition asking Hearst Magazines to, as Victoria tartly puts it, "have a moral compass and put [Cosmopolitan]… » 6/13/12 5:20pm 6/13/12 5:20pm

Demi Lovato Talks Eating Disorders in Cosmo, Gets a Whittled-Down…

Serenader of skyscrapers and former star of Sonny with a Chance Demi Lovato graces the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan and — what do you know — it looks as though a photoshop shark has taken a big ol' chomp out of her side (fitting as her dress does resemble a sexy '90s wet suit). Of course, Cosmo is no stranger to… » 6/08/12 4:00pm 6/08/12 4:00pm

See Cosmo's Secret Cover

It's well-known that sex-tips serializer, boinking bible, periodical of promiscuity, Cosmopolitan magazine sends out one, very toned-down, cover to advertisers, while another, significantly racier, cover goes to the newsstand — but playing spot-the-difference with 17-year-old Dakota Fanning's new cover is still fun.… » 1/11/12 12:30pm 1/11/12 12:30pm

Fun-Hating Parents Petition to Keep Cosmo from their Children

A totally lame group of fun-hating parents demanding their children's minds be shielded from hypersexual content have banded together to petition that Cosmopolitan, the best magazine to read if you'd like to be sexually judged in airports, be concealed in the checkout area of their local supermarkets. Where's a girl… » 1/06/12 6:15pm 1/06/12 6:15pm

17-Year-Old Dakota Fanning Makes Her Cosmo Debut

We've all watched Dakota Fanning grow up, and though she won't be 18 until next month the folks at Cosmo simply couldn't wait to put her on the cover of the magazine with the line, "His Best Sex Ever" near her head. Fanning's appearance on the cover isn't really all that scandalous. She's a freshman at NYU, and Miley… » 1/03/12 9:35pm 1/03/12 9:35pm