The Cosmos

"10 Questions You Can't Ask Anyone" was the tantalizing Cosmo Girl!cover line that won our hard-earned $3.49 this month. The touted story is a Nancy Redd advice column that addresses the usual array of teen "ick!" topics — stretch marks, itchy asses, third nipples. (One in 20 women have one!) But then there was this…

This month's CosmoGirl! coverline: Maybe Pete Wentz was not exactly the right celeb to call for an empowering quote re: rejecting the media's unattainable beauty standards? (Click on image to enlarge.)


Ooh! Is there going to be a rumble in Ladymagville, U.S.A.? ELLE and Vogue are both having their company holiday parties at Socialista, in NYC's Meatpacking district. ELLE beats Vogue in getting there first (their party is Dec. 17; Vogue's is Dec. 18.) Tension! Meanwhile, the CosmoGIRL! staff seems to be getting…