Cosmo Is Taking Over the World, One International Website at a Time

As a (paywalled) article in the Financial Times reports, in the next few months, Cosmopolitan magazine will be launching versions of their ever-growing website in countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark. They've already added Nigeria to the mix, and the next year will likely see other African… » 1/12/15 5:30pm 1/12/15 5:30pm

​Cosmo, Ms. Foundation Name Emma Watson Feminist Celebrity of 2014

It certainly has been quite a year for feminists (or maybe just the word "feminist") Over the course of the last month or so, the Ms. Foundation for Women and Cosmopolitan magazine held an online poll, asking readers to choose their top celebrity feminist. Congratulations to Emma Watson and all, but I don't know… » 12/20/14 3:30pm 12/20/14 3:30pm

Cosmo to Bring Women to the Polls on a Bus Full of Topless Male Models

Cosmopolitan magazine, aka a thesaurus for the word penis, really is taking their commitment to political issues to the next level—while totally preserving that Cosmo girl spirit. After holding a contest, they will be sending students from North Carolina State University to their local polling station to vote in a… » 10/28/14 2:45pm 10/28/14 2:45pm

This Month in Cosmo: Should You Try to Snag a Hot Techie Boyfriend?

Did you know that "Hollywood It Girls are snatching up web entrepreneurs like they're the latest iPhone upgrade?" If you read June's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine you do! It includes an article that explains how and why these unnamed sorceresses (and me when I was still dating my ex-boyfriend) date techies and how… » 5/16/14 12:20pm 5/16/14 12:20pm

Doggy Style Gets Rebranded as 'Petit Fours'

Following up on the success of their "Sex Oympics" feature and, before that, advice about how to put a condom on with your feet, Cosmo continues to kill it with over-the-top, maybe tongue-in-cheek spreads about ways to fuck. This month: sex recipes. » 4/10/14 3:30pm 4/10/14 3:30pm

Condé Nast Fires Self Editor and Vice President/Publisher

In news that's very interestingly timed, Condé Nast said Thursday that Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger had been let go from the publication, as had vice president/publisher Laura McEwen. Danziger is being replaced with Cosmopolitan executive editor Joyce Chang and McEwen is being replaced by Mary Murcko from the… » 4/03/14 5:40pm 4/03/14 5:40pm

We Tested All of Cosmo's Insane Food-Focused Sex Tips

Remember that list of Cosmo's Craziest Food-Related Sex Tips from a while back? One of our readers volunteered to try them all with the help of her boyfriend. The following are her actual scientific findings as she performed each experiment. I swear to God I'm not making this up. » 4/03/14 3:36pm 4/03/14 3:36pm

Break Your Man's Penis With Cosmo's Ridiculous Olympic Sex Tips

In honor of the upcoming Winter Games, this month's issue of Cosmopolitan tailored its monthly offering of sex tips around an Olympics theme. And, like the Olympics, only the world's most elite athletes should try them. Seriously. They're cock-snappingly harrowing. » 2/06/14 4:10pm 2/06/14 4:10pm

Cosmo Begs For Pictures of Your Butt

The girl with the golden butt, newly anointed Instagram star Jen Selter, is stopping by CosmoLive today. In honor of her visit, the team at Cosmopolitan would like you to tweet them a picture of your posterior. Don't everybody rush the office bathroom mirror at once! » 1/14/14 5:30pm 1/14/14 5:30pm

The editors of Cosmo have a few questions for all those Cosmo girls out there, namely: "How much would you pay to attend a two-day Cosmo-hosted event in NYC, packed with speakers, networking opportunities to meet people at the top of their fields (people on the level of Sheryl Sandberg, maybe even Sheryl herself!),… » 10/29/13 11:00am 10/29/13 11:00am

No One Knows How to Do Sex In Space

Over the tens of thousands of years that humans have existed in their near-present evolutionary state, they've had sex an estimated 129348 bajillion times (that was me just smashing my hands on the number row of my keyboard). Thus it makes sense that every possible configuration and position of sex-having has been… » 9/26/13 5:45pm 9/26/13 5:45pm

Fashion Week Is Especially Hard on Models with Sensitive Skin

Fashion Week! In New Yawk City!! [Whistling noise; dazed look up at all the tall, shiny buildings] Golly gee willikers, ain’t that glamorous? It sounds like it should be glamorous, but there’s a lot of hair pruning, makeup basting, and nail biting that goes into putting on a runway show. » 9/07/13 3:00pm 9/07/13 3:00pm

September at Cosmo Means Putting a Condom on a Dude Using Your Feet

The September issue of Cosmopolitan has a very thorough 12-page guide to contraception, which includes two pages about all the options and their efficacy; two pages dedicated to the Pill and its side effects, and two pages on condoms. In a sidebar on the condom spread, the mag teaches "sexy" ways for a woman to put a… » 8/13/13 4:00pm 8/13/13 4:00pm

How We Got the Idea That Ladymags Don't Publish 'Serious Journalism'

Women's magazines aren't serious. That's the perception that exists anyway. It might be a matter of what consumers think about them, or maybe it's just how the people who work at them are judged by their peers in the media. But they're not taken seriously, and it's not because of their content. It's because our… » 6/17/13 12:20pm 6/17/13 12:20pm

Drive Your Mom Wild With These Mom-Pleasing Tips

You know what all the other girls will be doing for their moms this Mother's Day — the brunching, the mimosas, the cards, the pedicures — YAWN! We here at COSMOMPOLITAN know you're not like those other girls; you're a fun fearless female offspring who wants to make this Mother's Day one that will have her gossiping… » 5/10/13 4:00pm 5/10/13 4:00pm

Retail Shoppers Are Making Fewer Impulse Purchases in the Checkout Line…

The snake-swallowing slow death of print media isn't just affecting cute puppies (although that remains the single most important dilemma facing this generation) — it's also affecting impulse purchases in supermarket checkout lines. » 3/21/13 3:40pm 3/21/13 3:40pm

Cosmo and Harlequin Join Forces for Series of Inevitably Ridiculous…

Well, isn't this just a match made in boring sexy heaven! It was announced yesterday that romance publisher Harlequin will partner up with dumb-dumb lady magazine Cosmopolitan to produce Cosmo Hot Reads, a series of erotic e-books that will begin dropping in May, with two books (each title hovering around 30,000… » 12/06/12 2:25pm 12/06/12 2:25pm

Cosmo Breaks the Important News: Tiger Penis Is a 'Weird Aphrodisiac'

Cosmo's breaking the News You Use with their latest feature on 8 Weird Aphrodisiac Tricks From Around the World. Other cultures are crazy, am I right? Ladies? Ladies?? » 12/02/12 8:30pm 12/02/12 8:30pm

Cosmo Latina Majorly Fails With 'Latin Style' 50 Shades of Grey Tips

For months, lazy publicists and writers have been riffing off 50 Shades of Grey mania by pitching everything and anything Grey related, from sex toys to ties to nail polish. Perhaps Cosmopolitan for Latinas' Ariel Nagi deserves props for managing to combine lazy with offensive in her post, "50 Shades of Grey Sex -… » 10/01/12 5:15pm 10/01/12 5:15pm