Khloe Kardashian Reveals Name Of One Of Her New OPI Kolors

Today in Tweet Beat, the Kardashian girls are releasing a line of OPI nail polish, and Khloe has personalized one of her "kolors." Plus, Ke$ha has a loose definition for "glove." » 7/11/11 7:30pm 7/11/11 7:30pm

Lydia Hearst Denies She'll Play Lindsay Lohan In Movie

Today in Tweet Beat, Lydia Hearst says that she's not signed on to star in a movie based on Lindsay Lohan's life. Plus, Meghan McCain is not happy about HBO turning Game Change into a miniseries. » 12/28/10 7:30pm 12/28/10 7:30pm

Smell Sad, Like Jennifer Aniston, This Fall; Meet The Bedazzled…

Heidi Montag Is Hoping To Star In A Remake Of Splash

Today in Tweet Beat, Heidi Montag's dream is to star in a movie that no one plans on remaking, Kelly Cutrone is the "godmomma of sex toys," and Lisa Rinna shows us her wrinkles. » 3/09/10 8:00pm 3/09/10 8:00pm

Celebs Mourn Alexander McQueen On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Kelly Osbourne, Tracey Emin, Jeremy Scott and other celebs grieve over the death of Alexander McQueen, via Twitter and emoticons. Also, Spencer Pratt has an hyperbaric oxygen chamber. » 2/11/10 8:00pm 2/11/10 8:00pm

Celebs, Socialites Mourn Loss Of Casey Johnson On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Casey Johnson is mourned by family friends like Star Jones, Melissa Rivers, Dori Cooperman, and Paris and Nicky Hilton. Also, the consensus is that Johnson's fiancée Tila Tequila is milking this for press. » 1/05/10 2:30pm 1/05/10 2:30pm

Lauren Bacall Wants A Cigarette; Tyra Wants Bacon

Today in Tweet Beat, Courtney Love admits she Googles herself, Miley Cyrus keeps forgetting to wear her retainer, and Larry King believes in aliens, but does not believe the government is hiding them from us. » 8/20/09 8:00pm 8/20/09 8:00pm

Bruno Crashes Paris Fashion Week!

Mickey Rourke Pets Pup • Sheryl Crow Shields Baby

Welcome back to the Monday morning edition of Snap Judgment, in which we publish the celebrity snaps that came in over the earlier part of the weekend. Inside: Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, Cory Kennedy, Charlotte Ronson, Bai Ling, Lindsay Lohan, Sheryl Crow, Kimora Lee Simmons, Christina Ricci, Katie Couric, Kate… » 9/08/08 9:10am 9/08/08 9:10am

The Hills' Whitney Port Designs Clothes, Issues Backhanded Compliments

Lauren Conrad Is A Total Charity Case

Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson: "It's A Trust Thing"

Cory And The Cobrasnake: She Was Too Young To Fall In Love, And He Was…

Ah, love. The party photographer and nightlife fixture Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter knew love once. It didn't matter that he spent his nights surrounded by impossibly attractive young girls willing not only to blow him, but a few grand at Barney's, in pursuit of his tastemaking lens — when he laid eyes on then… » 2/14/08 3:40pm 2/14/08 3:40pm

In perhaps the best use of an entire text page in a serious major magazine EVAHR, underage socialite/"It Girl" Cory Kennedy's Fashion Week text messages to her party photographer/ex-boyfriend Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter are excerpted in New York Magazine this week. A sampling: CORY NYC: Hurry CORY NYC: Srsly COBRASNAKE: » 2/12/08 6:20pm 2/12/08 6:20pm

The 'Paper' Nightlife Awards: We Came, We Saw, We Mocked Perez Hilton

Last night I joined forces with our dear Slut Machine to go and root for our very own Nikola Tamindzic at Paper magazine's annual Nightlife Awards. Darling Nikola was up for Nightlife Photographer of the Year! He lost, not because he isn't the best (he is) but because the whole thing was clearly rigged: That nasty-ass… » 10/30/07 2:00pm 10/30/07 2:00pm

A little birdie who would know tells us that a little birdie told him that the hummus in question that fueled the whole Leigh Lezark-Cory Kennedy rumble was not hummus at all... but tabbouleh. » 9/11/07 11:45am 9/11/07 11:45am

Did Misshapes Leigh Lezark Blackball Fellow Internet Celebrity Cory…

Fashion Week Gossip! We thought It Girl Cory Kennedy seemed a little low-key, chastened even, when we ran into her at Glamour's "Fashion Gives Back" party, and now we are beginning to understand why. For one thing, she was reportedly photographed to grace the September cover of Nylon, but something happened and… » 9/10/07 4:30pm 9/10/07 4:30pm

Cory Kennedy And Arden Wohl: I Am So Fine Without You

We were recently racking our brains for the word for Yasser Arafat's headdress thingy when we found ourselves reading a post about a French magazine putting Internet It-Girl Cory Kennedy on its cover. We have been following the "career" of Cobrasnake muse and sometime girlfriend Cory for over a year and a half now… » 8/10/07 6:45pm 8/10/07 6:45pm

Lindsay Lohan Endorses American Apparel In Her Dehydrated, Drugged Out…

"American Apparel...operates antithetically to industry norms" Gee, ya think??? The New York Times runs a story today on how Lindsay Lohan was wearing an American Apparel hoodie when she puked out that very last morsel of "this-is-still-funny." And American Apparel posted the picture on its blog, not because they had… » 6/21/07 12:02pm 6/21/07 12:02pm